Hey LushiousAddicts! xx

Hey Guys!
You have most probably come over from my YouTube Channel, LushAddict69, if not I am interested in everything beauty related! Hair, nails, makeup, salons, fake tan, extentions, perfume, jewelry! Lots of things, but on this blog you will delve more into my personal life and all things about me, as well as new uploaded videos and my inspirations!
Love you all,
Emily xxx LushAddict69

YouTube xx

My YouTube Channel, Go Check It Out!!

My Other YouTube Channel, Vlog Channel, Go Check It Out!!

This is where the magic happens!
I try to upload at least 2-3 videos a week and I make videos such as:
- Makeup, nail, hair and DIY tutorials
- Hauls (A LOT!!)
- Reviews
- Tags
- OOTD's (Outfit Of The Day's)
- Collections and Tours
- FMAV's (Follow Me Around Vlogs)
- Random Rambles!

I LOVE making videos so please come over and have a peek, maybe you will like and if so please feel free to sub!
Love Ya'll,

Emily xxx

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